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Project Protect


Guard Your Home


Mezuzah it Forward

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Preserve your Security

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In these precarious times, we are all searching for ways to increase the safety and security of ourselves and our loved ones. The ultimate antidote to tragedy and uncertainty is the Mezuzah. A symbol of the Divine presence and protection, it is our response to the current climate. Affix or gift a Mezuzah to help spread its message of security and protection.

Participate in Project Protect in any of these three ways:

  • Purchase a Mezuzah for your home (or any doorway within), and affix it with a blessing.

  • Check the Mezuzot of your home for any mistakes or wear and tear over the years that may have impacted their status.

  • Share the beauty of a Mezuzah with others and gift a Mezuzah to someone who can benefit.


What is a Mezuzah:



Mezuzah, literally translated as doorpost, is a small parchment scroll affixed on the doorposts of Jewish homes and businesses. It contains the hebrew words of the Shema, expertly handwritten by a scribe with ink and quill.

Meaning of Mezuzah:


The mezuzah helps remind us of our heritage and our connection to G-d; marking our house as a place where G-d can call home. While we may not install a Mezuzah everyday, it shapes and frames our everyday life. It transforms our house into a home, an enclave of holiness and spirituality, dedicated to meaning, purpose and tradition.  


The protection of the Mezuzah:


A Mezuzah serves as protection for the inhabitants of one’s home. The Talmud recounts the story of Onkelos, who upon converting to Judaisim and settling in Jerusalem, expounded on his lifechoice to Roman legionnaires tasked with bringing him back to Rome. As he left his home, he kissed the Mezuzah. When asked for the reason for his singular act, he explained that a mortal king has servants standing outside his house on guard. The King of Kings, however, is Himself guarding His servants outside their homes. These words made such a profound impression on the legionnaires that they too converted to Judaism.


The Kabalah explains that the word mezuzoth is a combination of the words ‘zaz’ and ‘maveth’ which mean literally: Death: Remove thyself.”


The Mezuzah provides both spiritual and physical protection, symbolizing G-ds presence and guidance in one’s home, granting security and peace of mind to those within.


Mezuzah How to:


  1. Study the importance and significance of the Mezuzah

  2. Learn how to place a Mezuzah

  3. Share the beauty and protection of a Mezuzah with others

  4. Continue the chain of the Mezuzah Share


Mezuzah Maintenance: 


It is customary to have mezuzahs checked twice every seven years, or even every year, prior to the High Holidays. Even if the mezuzah was purchased from a reputable source and previously found to be perfectly kosher, there is always room for human error, and new cracks and other problems can appear with time. Of course, this checking must be done by an expert scribe.


The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, would often urge people who encountered health challenges or other difficulties to have their mezuzahs (and tefillin) checked to make sure that every scroll was in good shape and properly placed on the doorpost.

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