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Kosher in Milton Keynes

Most found Kosher symbols in Milton Keynes


Manchester Beth Din


Kosher London Beth Din

Kosher aisle

Sainsbury's in the city centre. They also have Kosher fridge and freezer products.
Tesco Extra - Kingston and Bletchley. Look for world foods aisle.

Some basic products that do not require a Kosher symbol

Flour, sugar, rice, quinoa, and 100% juices, excluding grape. 

Common products that are usually Kosher. 
Look for one of the above Kosher symbols.

Many Kellog's cereals, including Cheerios, Shreddies and Fruit n Fibre
Plain canned corn
Heinz mayonnaise
Heinz ketchup
Flora sunflower oil
Rowse honey

A good website to see if a product is Kosher

What you will need from London. Edgware probably being the closest

General Judaica

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