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Give Life, Get Life

Life is measured not in riches gained, but in abundance shared. Just as each drop of water contributes to the makeup of oceans, every penny shared helps create a more giving world for us all. Share as little as £18 a month or as much as £1,800 to help sustain Chabad Jewish Centre of Milton Keynes. We are grateful for any type of partnership.

A community is a growing, dynamic, and living thing. Every community member is an invaluable part of that process, and we therefore turn to you to help maintain the beautiful community we are building together. Chabad of Milton Keynes does not charge membership, we believe every Jew is already a member. We have an open door policy where every single Jew is welcomed and made to feel at home, regardless of affiliation or finances. But keeping our doors open is not cheap.  

Why a Monthly Giving Program?

Chabad of Milton Keynes runs programs year-round to serve the Jewish community of Milton Keynes. Some of those programs are seasonal, but most of what we do is full-time (children's programs, lifecycle events and services, Shabbat services, weekly classes, women's programs, social services and more) with work that comes with year-round bills. In order to ease the burden on our community leaders, we have launched the Chai Club Partnership Initiative.

A steady flow of income will allow us to focus our energies on building programs that serve you rather than worrying about how to cover Chabad’s basic necessities. How will my donation make a difference? The unique quality of community action is that even when individual efforts seem small, the collective force can move mountains.

Chabad Jewish Centre of Milton Keynes is entirely locally funded and every pound donated is invested back into the community.  A crucial element of our financial stability comes from becoming a Monthly Partner, committed to being a part of everything we do.  

Why Chai?

The word ‘Chai’ in Hebrew means ‘Life’. Numerically, the word Chai is equivalent to 18 - which is also where we got the standard donation amounts of multiples of £18 from. Our Rabbis teach that when we give ‘life’, we receive life in turn. 

Where do I sign up?

You can give Chai through making a recurring donation on our donate page (don't forget to check off "make this a recurring monthly gift").

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